Bank of America Chicago Marathon – October 13, 2019

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GLASA will cover the Bank of America Chicago Marathon registration fee for all charity runners! Here are more great incentives:

2019 Incentives for Joining Team GLASA:

  • The lowest allowable fundraising minimum
  • Team GLASA Tech T-Shirt
  • Race Day Hospitality at the Hilton Chicago Hotel
    • Easy Gear Check
    • Continental Breakfast
    • Race Day Massage
    • Lunch
    • Open to Your Family
  • Cheer Tents on Charity Mile
  • Additional GLASA Apparel

  • Training Programs Options
    • Free CARA Membership and Training Program - VIDEO
    • Free Training with personal coach Mark Buciak - WEBSITE
  • Online Fundraising Page and Guidance
  • Fundraising Incentives
  • Free Entry to the Twilight 5K
  • Free Entry to CARA 20-miler
  • Team Social Events
  • The satisfaction of making a difference for individuals with physical and visual disabilities.

Three ways to join Team GLASA: (2019)

(Charity runners raise money for a great cause while securing their slot to run in the Chicago Marathon.)

Applications for guaranteed charity entries will be available from October 23 through the drawing period which ends November 29, 2018.  To apply for one of GLASA's guaranteed entries, first register with GLASA who will then provide a unique URL to secure a spot in the Chicago Marathon.

The minimum fundraising commitment for a guaranteed entry is $1250 and we pay your entry fee ($205 value.)


Already have a guaranteed entry?  Join Team GLASA and receive all the great incentives. (Deferment runners have a deadline of March 31, 2019.)

Fundraising amount is $650.


A very limited number of applications for post-close guaranteed entries (those NOT selected through the random drawing) will be available for charity program runners. These entries are available after the drawing period closes until March 31, 2019. To register with a post-close guaranteed entry, you must use a unique URL, which is only available after contacting GLASA.  See below for all of the great incentives that GLASA offers to our charity runners.

The minimum fundraising commitment for a post-close guaranteed entry is $1,750 and we pay your entry fee (a $205 value).

 Congratulations to Team GLASA's 2018 Marathon Runners

Thank you for raising over $78,000 to support sport programming
for people with a physical or visual disability, including injured military!!!

For more information about the Bank of America Chicago Marathon fundraising program, contact:

Cherie Hrusovsky