Programs Offered

GLASA offers many different sport and recreation programs throughout the year. By becoming a GLASA member, you are able to participate in all GLASA programs at no additional cost to you. Programs vary by season. Recreational and competitive opportunities are available. All athletes MUST have a current GLASA membership and register for the program(s) each season. If you are new to GLASA, you must contact a Program Director prior to membership and program attendance.
GLASA offers various cycling programs throughout the year. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bicycles, but GLASA also has adaptive bikes available to borrow. Try a handcycle, recumbent catrike or tandem bike. Family and friends are welcome to bring their own bikes and join this program too.
GLASA offers a learn to swim program, recreational swim, and competitive swim team. All programs are open to youth and adults. Athletes must be able to swim 25yds in a recognizable stroke to join the competitive swim team. Collaboration with Illinois Swimming and IHSA is provided for the integration of swimmers into club and school programs.
Wheelchair Football
Adults and older teens (16+) are welcome to play wheelchair football. The sport uses touch football rules and GLASA has sportchairs available to borrow. You do not need to use a wheelchair on a daily basis to be eligible to play this fast paced and exciting game. Friends and family members are also welcome to join in on the fun.
Wheelchair Basketball - Prep & JV
Any youth with a physical disability (U21) is welcome to join the GLASA Wave Wheelchair Basketball Team. GLASA has sportchairs available to borrow and you do not need to use a wheelchair on a daily basis to be eligible to play this fast paced and exciting game.
Join us for a day at the driving range or play 18 holes on the golf course. GLASA provides golf club, instruction and adaptive golf carts to make the sport of golf accessible to all.
Introductory level instruction and advanced tournament play is available so individuals of every skill level and ability can participate. Play standing up or while using a manual wheelchair or powerchair. GLASA has extra sportschairs available to borrow, when available.
Powerlifting & Strength Conditioning
Train with a National Strength & Conditioning Association certified strength & conditioning specialist and Parlympic Powerlifitng Coach, whether on a recreational or competitive basis. This program uses a combination and variety of equipment like an adaptive bench press, free weights, and resistance bands each week.
GLASA partners with Adaptive Adventures to offer this program. All equipment and instruction will be provided. Single kayaks and tandem kayaks will be available to accommodate individuals with all types of physical and visual disabilities. Locations vary in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. This program is offered seasonally during the summer. Join us next summer for additional dates.
GLASA partners with the Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Program to offer this program. Join us for a day on Lake Michigan. The boats leave out of Lake Forest Beach and travel south for a great view of the North Shore. This program is offered seasonally during the summer. Join us next summer for additional dates.
Water Skiing
GLASA partners with the Aquanuts to offer this program. Sit skis and stand up skis will be available on the beautiful Lake Mary, located in Twin Lakes, WI. No prior experience is needed, and this is a great outing for family and friends. This program is offered seasonally during the summer. Join us next summer for additional dates.
Track and Field
GLASA offers a continuum of coaching in both ambulatory and wheelchair track and field from the development to elite level. Athletes set their own goals with input from coaches. Team GLASA provides competition opportunities at the local, regional, and national level. GLASA encourages its athletes to train with their school and community team whenever feasible. GLASA coaches provide technical expertise, equipment, and other support to these school and community programs.
Horseback Riding
GLASA collaborates with Horsefeathers to offer horsemanship. This program is NOT included in the annual membership fee and all horsemanship fees must be paid directly to Horsefeathers. Please also direct any questions about this program to Horsefeathers in Lake Forest, IL.
Judo is a martial art that is specifically for individuals with visual impairments. Blind judo players learn the sport and compete alongside of their sighted peers. Judo is supported by the Gurnee Judo Club.
Yoga poses are adapted to meet the needs of all participants, whether you are ambulatory or utilize a wheelchair. Adaptive yoga techniques are used to get each participant down on the mat, out of their shoes and out of their chair! Class sizes are small so that one-on-one assistance can be provided. Participants must be independent with free movements and transfers.
CrossFit Training
Dave Michael, personal trainer and amputee athlete, will provide a group workout to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. This program is included in GLASA’s annual membership. Personal training and sport specific conditioning can be provided to help athletes meet their personal fitness goals and increase their athletic performance. The personal training sessions are NOT included in the annual membership fee and all personal training fees must be paid directly to Dave Michael.  
Goalball is a team sport specifically designed for individuals with visual impairments. Players throw a ball with bells inside down the court and attempt to score a goal while their opponents, using their bodies to defend the goal, try to stop the ball from scoring. All players participate while wearing blindfolds and tactile markings on the court are provided to aid with orientation. An adult men’s team and a co-ed youth team are provided.
Power Soccer
A sport specifically designed for individuals that use power wheelchairs, power soccer showcases all of the speed, skill and intensity of traditional soccer. The sport is played indoors on a gym floor and power wheelchairs are equipped with a specially designed ‘guard’ to advance the ball down the floor. GLASA has guards and specialized powerchairs for players to use, when available. This team is a competitive traveling team.
Road Racing
GLASA athletes participate in a number of 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon races races during the year. Athletes can participate using a racing wheelchair or by running in events. Athletes interested in road racing are also encouraged to be a part of the track program so they can learn technique and proper training methods. Road race entry fees, paid directly to race organizers, are NOT included in GLASA’s annual membership fee.
Sled Hockey
The sport of sled hockey is played on ice and it follows all of the same rules as traditional ice hockey, but players participate while seated and they use arm strength to propel themselves down the ice. Assistants are available to support athletes who may not be able to self propel on the ice. The program offers a youth, adult, recreational and competitive team.